Where To Find Books Augmented Reality For Toddlers

Angel’s Awesome Books is a top augmented reality children’s book author. Their voice-recorded children’s books are equipped with sound effects and animation that educate children in a fun and ingenious way. Today they announced the release of their “Alphabet Book” with augmented reality. The Alphabet Book is designed to provide children with a learning experience that is exciting and engaging.

” We discovered that our Angel’s Awesome Alphabet Book was special, but we never expected the kind of reaction we got from our readers. Our Alphabet Book has earned rave reviews from moms and dads, school teachers, and a course the young people,” said Angelique Marshall, creator of the Alphabet Book. “Our Alphabet Book helps youngsters with developmental hurdles, including autism, and speech delays, by presenting alphabet letters in an engaging format.”

The characters on each page of the Alphabet book are animated through our AR App. The characters pronounce each letter clearly, accompanied by various sound effects giving each page an entirely different, remarkable experience. Along with learning the alphabet, children can practice their reading and writing skills on the blanket pages in the back of the book.

About Angels-AwesomeBooks. com: Our work aspires to create an extraordinary storybook that brings the alphabet letters to life for younger readers. Our book will teach children the alphabet with straightforward, easy-to-understand stories, with bright pictures of each letter. Utilizing augmented reality technology to bring sound effects and narration to each letter, this book will ignite the imagination of young readers.

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