Understanding Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life – a Higher Dimensional Perspective on an Ancient Wisdom Stream. – An unique completely illustrated book. Browse through it online or buy published hard copies.

Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life

This sacred geometry fully illustrated book deals with an extraordinary number of stimulating subjects associated with sacred geometry and the flower of life. https://sacredgeometryweb.com

Integrating the ideas of philosophers and researchers and magicians, the book introduces a modern look at the occult belief of the importance of the fundamental forms to evolving the individual consciousness and heart.

Fully illustrated, every single page is delightfully composed, and a first reading simply delighting in the art and designs will likely begin to illuminate with far-reaching groundwork concepts. There is no advanced maths necessitated at all, and a twelfth grade level of understanding is all that is required to comprehend the profound insights into the nature of space and time which are made readily within reach within this book.

The book commences with a bit of background, and foundation themes like simplicity and the importance of spheres. It then discusses the ideas of Buckminster Fuller in relation to the priority of trigonal constellations to grasping energy geometries of systems of all types. From there the subjects traversed are as varied as earth science, culture, artistry, modern technology, nutrition, mind training, mythology, higher dimensional geometry, and a whole lot more.

By visiting the site you can read the whole book online as it is effectively provided in a digital book style. In case you want to hold the book in your hands then it is very moderately priced at $24 including overseas shipping and handling.

During the course of the composing of this booklet the author has indeed asked himself several times as to what he really believes about Sacred Geometry, and just how it can be a force for good in this increasingly distressed planet. What he imagined in his wildest dreams, is that Sacred Geometry may become the proverbial biggest thing since rock ‘n’ roll. That humanity might just discover in it a way to accelerating the evolution of the human spirit and mind.

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