Uncontested Divorce in California: What Forms do You Need?

Pursuing an uncontested divorce in California requires careful attention to paperwork to ensure a smooth process. By completing the correct forms and adhering to proper procedures, you can avoid unnecessary delays and complications. Here’s a look at the essential documents you’ll need for a successful uncontested divorce in California.

Key Takeaways:

Required Forms: Essential forms include the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage/Domestic Partnership, Summons (Family Law), and Declaration Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (if children are involved).

Financial Disclosure Forms: Both parties must file financial disclosure forms, such as the Income and Expense Declaration and the Schedule of Assets and Debts.

Settlement Agreement: This document outlines agreed terms regarding property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support.

Judgment Forms: To finalize the divorce, forms like the Judgment and Notice of Entry of Judgment must be filed.

Additional Forms: Depending on your situation, forms such as FL-170 (default judgment request) or FL-190 (Final Declaration of Disclosure) may be necessary. Consulting a legal professional is advisable to ensure all required forms are completed.

Understanding Uncontested Divorce

Definition and Eligibility

An uncontested divorce occurs when both spouses agree on all key issues, such as asset division, child custody, and support, avoiding the need for a trial. In California, eligibility criteria include residency requirements and mutual agreement on all major issues.


Uncontested divorces offer quicker resolutions, lower costs, and reduced emotional strain. This process allows couples to maintain control over their divorce terms, fostering better communication and setting a positive tone for future interactions, especially if children are involved.

Essential California Divorce Forms

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage

This initial form outlines marriage details and grounds for divorce, starting the legal process. Accurate and complete filing is crucial to avoid delays.

Summons and Proof of Service

These forms notify the other party of the divorce action and verify that they have been informed. Proper service is essential to prevent delays.

Financial Disclosures

Both parties must fully disclose all assets, debts, income, and expenses. Honest and thorough disclosure is critical to avoid legal complications.

Settlement Agreement and Judgment Forms

The settlement agreement details the terms of the divorce, while judgment forms finalize it. Legal advice can help ensure these forms comply with state laws.

Finalizing the Uncontested Divorce

Filing and Court Procedures

Submit all required forms to the court. The court will review the paperwork and schedule a final hearing to grant the divorce decree.

Post-Filing Considerations

Attend the final court hearing where both spouses must appear before the judge. Follow any additional court instructions to ensure a smooth post-divorce transition.

Final Words

For an uncontested divorce in California, having the correct forms and following the proper procedures is essential. Obtain the necessary forms, fill them out accurately, and seek legal counsel if needed to ensure a smooth and organized divorce process.


Q: What is an uncontested divorce in California?

A: An uncontested divorce is where both spouses agree on all major issues, making the process faster and more affordable.

Q: What forms do I need for an uncontested divorce in California?

A: Essential forms include the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Summons, Declaration Under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA), Marital Settlement Agreement, and Financial Disclosure forms.

Q: Do I need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce in California?

A: While not required, consulting with a lawyer is recommended to ensure all legal matters are correctly handled. Many couples use a mediator or collaborative attorney to help reach agreements. For more information, contact the Law Offices of James Arrasmith.

Uncontested Divorce Forms Needed