Tips To Protect Your Biggest Financial Asset YOUR HOME


Letting your guttering go to rack and ruin can cost you massively financially if a few steps are not carried out on a regular basis.

As we headed into 2020, few people could ever have dreamed the world would be battling a pandemic already 10 months in. Yet here we are, with so many countries around the world – the UK included – implementing strict measures for social distancing and self-isolation amid the coronavirus (Covid19) outbreak.
What do these three types of business have in common?
Estate Agents
Letting Agents
Property Maintenance Companies
Private Landlords
They are all involved in the property market, of course, but they are also often in need of tradespeople who are experienced in maintaining and repairing various parts of a property.
How much time do you spend maintaining your gutters? If you’re like most people, you probably cannot recall the last time you even thought about them. It’s common never to think about them until you notice there’s an issue. Maybe you spot dirty stains down the side of your walls or a loose section of guttering following a storm with rain pouring out as it is having problems coping.
When you have many DIY jobs, maintenance tasks, and other similar issues to handle around the home, replacing your guttering,soffits and fascias could understandably slip down the to-do list. Chances are you may not even think about the condition they are in until something happens to alert you to their current state. After all, how often do you look above your head to check out the state of your roof and all its component parts?
Most of us realise regular repairs are an essential part of home ownership. Cleaning falls into the same category. Yet it is far easier to take care of things you can see, and to forget about things you cannot. Guttering is one of the cleaning jobs most people forget about and sometimes at their cost.
Guttering has an important job to do in keeping your home in good order. However, many of us underestimate how difficult that job is if the guttering isn’t in good condition. You’re probably thinking of broken sections of guttering that leak when it rains, or perhaps a faulty bracket that isn’t properly clipped to the section of guttering it should support. However, there is another element to think about and plan for if you want to be certain your guttering is performing just as it should be.
I know – it sounds like a trick, doesn’t it? No one wants to go out in the rain, even armed with an umbrella. But there is a good reason why I’ve suggested it, even though it may not be apparent to start with.
Plants are hardy things. A single seed or discarded root blown by the wind can land in all kinds of places. So, it is hardly surprising neglected guttering & roof valleys are often seen with plants and grass growing out of it.
Damp is never a pleasant addition to any home. If you spot signs of damp, it is always best to tackle them straightaway. Sometimes, it can be a simple matter of a lack of air getting to a corner of a room, perhaps behind a big item of furniture like a wardrobe, for example. Regularly airing a room may be all that is required to solve simple issues like this.
No guttering is infallible. Heavy storms, age, and weathering can all take their toll eventually. But there’s a difference between severe damage to guttering and mild damage. Ironically, it’s often the latter that can lead to more serious – and expensive – PROBLEMS.
We all experienced Storm Barbara at some level recently; while some people were seriously injured by Storm Barbara, others got off better with lost fences, trampolines, garden sets and wheelie bins – but just because Storm Barbara has gone, it doesn’t mean that you are in the clear yet. There are certain checks you need to do to ensure no further damage has been caused by Storm Barbara.
It doesn’t matter what kind of property you live in – every now and then, the roof and guttering is likely to need some TLC. This might range from replacing the odd tile and cleaning the guttering to a complete replacement of one, the other, or both.
Every property should have guttering, and while the majority do, it’s not always in good condition. It might seem like an incidental thing, but guttering has a crucial role in keeping your property safe from water damage.
If you have seen any signs of water leaking,overflowing from guttering or signs of damp or slime on walls and pathways give East Suffolk Roofing a call on 01728 440314. We are a roofing company by name but Guttering is vital part of any Roofing Solution and keep them up to standard and clean is a vital part of the work we provide.

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