The rise of all-electric cities

New York City’s recent legislation banning natural gas and other fossil fuels in new construction has sent shockwaves throughout the building industry – and it now begs the question – is this the start of a global trend and if so, how quickly can we expect it to unfold, writes John Ridgeway?

New York is not the first to explore all-electric building codes. In 2020, Berkeley, California, became the first U.S. city to ban natural gas in new low-rise buildings. Since then, other cities like San Francisco and Seattle have followed suit with similar restrictions.

However, New York’s legislation is the most comprehensive to date, applying to all new buildings under seven stories by 2026 and all buildings by 2029. This signifies a significant shift in building code standards and has the potential to serve as a blueprint for other municipalities and local authorities. Click the link to read more