Saying NO to “Plug Load” in the fight against climate change

Buildings are a major contributor to climate change, accounting for over a third of global CO2 emissions, a number projected to double by 2060 if left unchecked. In response, world leaders at COP28, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, have set a bold target to achieve “near-zero emissions and resilient buildings by 2030” for 28 countries, writes John Ridgeway.

However, if we are to meet this ambitious goal, it will require a multi-pronged attack on building energy consumption. Traditionally, the focus has been on improving HVAC systems and lighting efficiency, but a new study has shed light on a significant and often overlooked aspect – it’s called plug load.

This refers to the energy used by electronics and appliances plugged into outlets throughout a building, that are doing little if any useful work and which can contribute up to 30% of a building’s energy use. These seemingly small energy draws add up quickly and need to be addressed. Follow the link to read more: