Ranking Videos on YouTube Part 1 – Starting a New Channel

In this video series I’ll walk you through, step by step, starting from scratch with a brand new channel to ranking videos in only a few minutes. So let’s make a start with Part 1. In this video we’re going to look making an new channel on your YouTube account, naming it, creating and uploading up your images and the default settings.

So first of all, you need to go to your settings. Okay, and when you come into your settings, you add or manage your channels. So these rules are different channels. I’ve got Some of us and some I don’t very much and going to create the new channel. So if you got a completely different subject that you want to make you just put your name here University and College Reviews is the name of this new channel that’s what we’re going to be putting some videos on that we’re looking to rank on Google and YouTube.

But first of all you want what we want to do is to customize the channel so that it looks nice when people come Say we want to add channel out and a little thumbnail there. Okay? So the way to do that is to go to Canva. There’s also a free account. So make a design you can YouTube channel up sizes done all for you. So you can start with a blank screen or you can use some of the templates.

What you will notice about these is the text is pretty Central, okay. You will lose some of these texts if you put it too far too close to the edge. They will be very careful about that. And of course I’m going to need to be uploading some some things here to do with university but I tend to like to go and find those where you can find them many places images and what we’d like what I like to do here is make sure you check the tools and the usage rights okay?