Legal Separation Vs Divorce in California

What’s The Difference Between Divorce and Legal Separation in California? 

In California, a legal separation is an official court order. Once legally separated, you and your spouse can live in separate homes and live separate lives. However, because you are not divorced, you cannot remarry. A divorce is the final dissolution of a marriage; it is the permanent end of your marriage. Once divorced, you are legally single and you can remarry. You can no longer be on your spouse’s health insurance and you cannot claim tax benefits.

Divorce doesn’t have to be war. If you would like to consider mediation, and are in the process of choosing between being legally separated vs divorced? Please contact Scott Levin for help in filing documents for a legal separation or a divorce. 

Scott is an advocate for doing divorce differently, an attorney mediator who helps people resolve disputes quickly, timely, and with a focus on their futures.
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