Coming Full Circle – The Greenleaf Series Finale

This post will contain spoilers so, for those who have yet to see the Greenleaf series finale be forewarn.


The final episode of Greenleaf was full of emotions from the beginning to end.  The episode preceding the finale had Bishop suffering from a stroke and left the audience wondering if he would survive.   In the beginning of the finale we see Lady Mae lying next to the Bishop’s body and we realize that the Bishop has passed away.  We see the family crying and lying with the Bishop’s body and then we see the family at the gravesite as the Bishop’s casket is being lowered.  The Bishop’s death was really sad and emotional for anyone who is a Greenleaf viewer.   I will say that I was not totally surprised by his passing, because before the season started all the trailers were playing the song ‘Going Up Yonder’ and I figured someone was probably going to die this season.   I was still disappointed that the Bishop had to die and he and Lady Mae did not get a chance to remarry.

keith david