Best Political Podcasts | Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen

Welcome to the NEW HOME of Mea Culpa – the ONLY place to find new episodes of Michael Cohen’s hit podcast. Cohen, the former attorney and personal “fixer” for Donald J. Trump, once vowed to take a bullet for the President. But that was before the country was brought to its knees by Trump’s lies and personal madness. While Cohen was imprisoned in his own home, with his life, reputation, and livelihood destroyed, he went on a mission to right the wrongs he perpetuated on behalf of his former boss. Mea Culpa with Michael Cohen, is a raw and unfiltered podcast that shines light into the dark corners of our current American Apocalypse. Our guest today is former Assistant U.S. Attorney, Glenn Kirschner – he’s an NBC News and MSNBC legal analyst and the host of the popular podcast, Justice Matters. Drawing from his 30 years as a federal prosecutor, homicide prosecutor, and Army JAG, Kirschner is with us to help us make sense of Trump’s legal trials and errors.