AB-1482 | Tenant Protection Act of 2019 | Rent Control in California

For many, the terms “rent control” and “affordable housing” seem synonymous. However, the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, also known as AB-1482, is a law that aims to make rental units more affordable for everyone.

Codified in Section 1946.2 of the California Civil Code, AB-1482 provides crucial protections against rent increases for tenants who have lawfully occupied a property for more than a year. This significant change to California’s rent control laws affects nearly every rental agreement unless the property meets specific exemptions.

Under Section 1946.2, the law sets rent limits, restricts rent increases, and includes eviction provisions that require just cause for evictions. Rent increases are limited if at least one tenant has lived in the unit for over a year.

Just Cause for Eviction

AB-1482 specifies that tenants cannot be evicted without just cause if they have continuously and lawfully occupied the premises for over a year. Just cause includes:

  • Non-payment of rent
  • Breach of a lease term
  • Criminal activity
  • Intentional damage to the premises
  • Unlawful assignment or subletting
  • Use of the premises for illegal purposes
  • Failure to vacate after a lawful notice of termination


Certain properties, such as single-family homes, are exempt from AB-1482 if the lease agreement explicitly states this in writing, signed by the landlord.

Implications for California Renters

California’s rent control law offers vital protections for tenants, including limitations on annual rent increases (capped at 5% plus the regional consumer price index) and the right to challenge evictions in court. This law also requires landlords to provide 60 days’ notice before raising the rent more than 10%.

Relocation Assistance

If a tenant is evicted without just cause, landlords must provide relocation assistance equivalent to one month’s rent or offer a rent waiver.

Know Your Rights

AB-1482 is a pivotal law protecting tenants’ rights in California. It covers most rental properties and prohibits unjust evictions. Tenants should familiarize themselves with these protections and seek assistance if needed.

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